51-60 of 100

This latest batch is a diverse bunch of books. From pen pals to psychos, from time travel to space travel, I’ve read some tales! I’m still four books behind but determined to catch up. NON-FICTION Why do non-fiction books always have such long titles? Nothing beyond the colon is necessary. It’s like movie previews these … More 51-60 of 100

41-50 of 100

I finally made it to the half-way point! I’m five books behind schedule but still trucking along. MEH Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng should be an awesome mystery tale. The first line is “Lydia is dead.” I mean, talk about an opener! The thing is solving the mystery means learning about how awful … More 41-50 of 100

10 of 100

Yesterday I finished reading my 10th book of 2016. I am really enjoying watching my TBR list shrink! And so far it has not at all been tempting to add new books. Here’s a break down of what I’ve read so far. TOP THREE: Scary Close by Donald Miller is a dead useful book about relationships. … More 10 of 100

Here’s the thing about world-building and Regnum Stellarum

One of the things that can make or break a book-reading experience for me is the world. I enjoy reading Fantasy and Dystopian Futures (what gal doesn’t?) and the occasional Sci-Fi adventure and in these types of stories it is crucial to develop a believable, well-rounded, full world. Whether or not I buy into a … More Here’s the thing about world-building and Regnum Stellarum