2017 Goals

This morning I knocked over my mop bucket, spilling dirty water all over the living room. Then I realized that my stove isn’t broken like I thought it was for the past week, but that the gas line just wasn’t opened all the way. New year, same me. But also, new year, new goals! Well, … More 2017 Goals

81-90 of 100

We are nearing the end!! Only 26 days left in the year and still 10 books left to read. I may not have completed the NaNoWriMo challenge, but I WILL complete my reading challenge. Last time it was so fun doing head to heads that I decided to do it again! There were a lot … More 81-90 of 100

61-70 of 100

I’m still 3 books behind, but I got to go to the library yesterday so I’m doing some work this week with real books! My last bunch can pretty much be divided into two groups – ones I liked and ones I kinda liked or didn’t like at all. THE TOP I’m pretty familiar with Fight … More 61-70 of 100

51-60 of 100

This latest batch is a diverse bunch of books. From pen pals to psychos, from time travel to space travel, I’ve read some tales! I’m still four books behind but determined to catch up. NON-FICTION Why do non-fiction books always have such long titles? Nothing beyond the colon is necessary. It’s like movie previews these … More 51-60 of 100

41-50 of 100

I finally made it to the half-way point! I’m five books behind schedule but still trucking along. MEH Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng should be an awesome mystery tale. The first line is “Lydia is dead.” I mean, talk about an opener! The thing is solving the mystery means learning about how awful … More 41-50 of 100

21-30 of 100

This afternoon I took a nap and I had a dream that I finished A Game of Thrones and the ending was super cheesy and unsatisfying. Fortunately I woke up from my nap, finished the book, and that was not the case. Here are some other books that had legit and satisfying endings. And some that … More 21-30 of 100