Prayer Pictures

Remember in the gospels when Jesus teaches us how to pray? He models for us how we should come before God. We acknowledge who God is – our Father, who art in heaven. We acknowledge how holy God is – hallowed by thy name. We acknowledge our fallenness, our separateness, our need and we acknowledge our desire … More Prayer Pictures

Powerful Prayer

In a week and a half I will fly to Minneapolis to attend training for my job this summer as Area Director with YouthWorks. (Woohoo!) This evening on my walk home back from the grocery store I was thinking about the kinds of things I want to tell my Site Directors this summer. I was … More Powerful Prayer

Lent this Year

I know that Lent is almost upon us because today my Michigan friends were posting pictures of paczkis on Facebook. And yes I had to look up how to spell that word. Growing up Baptist Lent was not something I observed or practiced or even knew anything about. Once my world expanded a little bit … More Lent this Year

This hard, uncomfortable, frustrating, overwhelming, abnormal, really great life

I cried three times yesterday. The first time needs a backstory. We had a group rent the entire villa (the main building of the hostel) yesterday. As part of a private rental we offer charcoal and lighter fluid for the super nice BBQ. I had seen lighter fluid earlier in the week so, silly me, … More This hard, uncomfortable, frustrating, overwhelming, abnormal, really great life

2017 Goals

This morning I knocked over my mop bucket, spilling dirty water all over the living room. Then I realized that my stove isn’t broken like I thought it was for the past week, but that the gas line just wasn’t opened all the way. New year, same me. But also, new year, new goals! Well, … More 2017 Goals