2020 Books – First 60

2020 is half way over. Can you believe it? Because of COVID, I have been doing more reading than usual, and am 10 books ahead of my goal. Today I finished my 60th book of the year. I really enjoy doing these book round ups, even when they're super long and nobody else cares, so … Continue reading 2020 Books – First 60

Todo de mí

This past week we had our YouthWorks training. All 250 or so summer staff hired to serve with YouthWorks throughout the United States gathered together in Minneapolis to learn together. Because YouthWorks has had a presence and relationships for many years in Puerto Rico, a number of this year's staff are Puerto Rican. Even more … Continue reading Todo de mí


I did not grow up observing Lent or knowing anything about the church calendar. As a "fundamental, old fashioned Baptist," I was taught that all of that (liturty - although I certainly didn't know the word then) was stuff that Catholics did and that it was just tradition, not religion, and that Catholics weren't real … Continue reading Lent