I remember last year when the movie Home came out. I really wanted to see it because it featured a little girl who looks a bit like so many of the little girls I have taught and loved over the years. I was especially excited when it came to theaters in the Dominican Republic, so … More Representation

The Giver

Yesterday I was scrolling through Netflix looking for a movie to watch while I graded first grade math papers (which is riveting stuff, believe me). I didn’t have to scroll long before I saw The Giver in the Recently Added section. (*Disclaimer: I live in the Dominican Republic which means I have Dominican Netflix, which … More The Giver

Halloween movies

October-December is my favorite time of year, with the best month of all right in the middle of all the fun. For the first 22 years of my life October, November, and December meant trips to the cider mill for apple cider, doughnuts, and picking out a pumpkin. Fall meant raking leaves and jumping in … More Halloween movies