2017 Goals

This morning I knocked over my mop bucket, spilling dirty water all over the living room. Then I realized that my stove isn’t broken like I thought it was for the past week, but that the gas line just wasn’t opened all the way. New year, same me. But also, new year, new goals! Well, … More 2017 Goals

Being a teacher

The thing about being a teacher is that no matter how successful I am, I fail. The thing about being a teacher is that I have 19 students in my care at one time. That’s 19 little human beings with their own personalities and preferences and learning styles and likes and dislikes and lengths of … More Being a teacher

In my classroom

Every day 38 students, in two groups of 19, come into my classroom. (My very small classroom.) They come in excited and chatty. They come in with a lot of questions and stories and kisses and comments. They come in and they sit down and we get started. Every once in a while, while the … More In my classroom

We need each other

Last Tuesday our school had a Christmas dinner. It was the first time since I’ve been there that everyone was all together in one place. The cleaning ladies, the women who work in the kitchen, the teachers, the maintenance staff (which is just one super cool guy named Ramon who reminds me of my dad), the … More We need each other

My best life

  Friday had all the makings of a great day. First, it’s a Friday. Second, it was the day of my birthday party. Third, since it was the day before my birthday I planned on having a fun little crafty/Christmas time with my homeroom at the end of the day. Fourth, it’s casual Friday so … More My best life

Here’s the thing about our consequences

You’ve probably heard said, “I learned everything I need to know in kindergarten,” or something like it. Well, in first grade in addition to teaching my lovelies phonics and addition, I like to think I give a refresher course in “everything I need to know.” In first grade we practice sharing and taking turns and putting … More Here’s the thing about our consequences