The Pickle Jar Where My Sugar Lives

This morning when I opened up the pickle jar where my sugar lives I was greeted with a bunch of little tiny ants (or possibly spiders). I have already sold my airtight jars, which is why sugar is living in a pickle jar and apparently pickle jars are not airtight. I did not panic. I … Continue reading The Pickle Jar Where My Sugar Lives

I’ve always wanted to work in a camp

Life is like a spider web. We start in the middle when we are born to a set of circumstances, within a family within a culture within a country. We are born on this point of time on the spider web who we are with all of the privilege and adveristy that come with being … Continue reading I’ve always wanted to work in a camp

Now’s the time

In the summer of 2001 I went on my first domestic mission trip with my youth group church, Trinity Presbyterian. We went to Chattanooga, Tennessee with an organization called YouthWorks. Many things stand out to me from that weeklong trip, nearly 18 years later. I remember the hum of the projector  (the old fashioned one … Continue reading Now’s the time