This hard, uncomfortable, frustrating, overwhelming, abnormal, really great life

I cried three times yesterday. The first time needs a backstory. We had a group rent the entire villa (the main building of the hostel) yesterday. As part of a private rental we offer charcoal and lighter fluid for the super nice BBQ. I had seen lighter fluid earlier in the week so, silly me, … More This hard, uncomfortable, frustrating, overwhelming, abnormal, really great life

2017 Goals

This morning I knocked over my mop bucket, spilling dirty water all over the living room. Then I realized that my stove isn’t broken like I thought it was for the past week, but that the gas line just wasn’t opened all the way. New year, same me. But also, new year, new goals! Well, … More 2017 Goals

Note to Self 4

The simplest way to practice godliness and to show love is to ask for forgiveness when you mess up. Which means being aware enough to realize when you’ve messed up and humble enough to admit it. Another simple way to actively love your neighbors is to invite them over for dinner. Who doesn’t love free … More Note to Self 4

Pity party

Some of my most clarifying moments have come during a pity party. My last pity party (besides today‚Äôs) took place about a year and a half ago. I was actually here, in Jarabacoa, staying at the hostel by myself for a little get away weekend. You know, to read on a couch different from my … More Pity party

Two things

I’m moving tomorrow. Yesterday I sat on my couch and nearly cried thinking about moving by myself. Here’s the thing, though – I’m not moving by myself. My friends Quel and Carli (along with Carli’s super helpful and super fun daughters) are totally moving with me. Not to mention my friend of a friend and … More Two things