Freedom, Beauty, Color

I'm doing a Gratitude Writing Challenge in lieu of NaNoWriMo this year. Freedom When I think of freedom I think of the freedom I have in Christ. I think of the freedom I have to be the exact person I was created to be, more and better every day (at least that's the goal). I … Continue reading Freedom, Beauty, Color

Memory, Work, Change, Peace

I'm doing a Gratitude Writing Challenge in lieu of NaNoWriMo this year. What a fitting four categories to be grateful for all at once: memory, work, change, peace. Memory // Work I remember when the life I have now was a life I dreamed about. I remember dreaming not so loudly about being an administrator. … Continue reading Memory, Work, Change, Peace


I am participating in a Gratitude Writing Challenge this month. I love creativity! Mine and other people's. I love having an idea of how something should or could look and then making it happen by cutting and gluing things together and moving and painting and tying. I love dreaming up people who wouldn't otherwise exist and … Continue reading Creativity

I am not a failure

At the beginning of the month I had what I’m referring to as a breakdown. My version of a “breakdown” is characterized by an overwhelming and all consuming feeling of failure. Seemingly triggered by nothing in particular (although I’m suspecting pre-menstrual hormones might have something to do with the timing) I will start getting insecure … Continue reading I am not a failure


Don’t you just love social media? I love it. I love videos of dogs and cats doing funny things and I love getting able to read funny Tumblr highlights on Facebook (there’s a Facebook group… or two) without actually having to go into the black hole, time suck that is Tumblr. Most of all, I … Continue reading Remember