Thirteen Reasons Why

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine shared an article on Facebook that was called something like, “Dear Girls, Stop Wearing Bathing Suit Bottoms that Show Your Butt,” or something ridiculously lame. (I just Googled “dear girls stop wearing” and there is a freaking website called which just exists to tell people … More Thirteen Reasons Why

Wednesday Snapshots

The past two weeks have been a freaking whirlwind. So much so that when I got two whole days off in a row this weekend I decided I was going to do nothing responsible except for rest. Even though because of the whirlwind of the past two weeks I have plenty of other responsibility-type things … More Wednesday Snapshots

Weekend Prayers

I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry. For making it all about me. Again. For missing the point. For putting myself in a position to miss You entirely. Thank You thank You thank You. For choosing me anyway. I’m scared of hurting. I’m scared of getting attached and falling in love and having to say goodbye. … More Weekend Prayers

Praying for Others

When I was doing my student teaching in Paraguay every Friday (or was it every day?) we would do a Bible Story time. At the end of the time we would take prayer requests. My students were five and six years old, so some of those prayer requests were just gems. We prayed for hamsters … More Praying for Others