I am participating in a Gratitude Writing Challenge this month.


I love creativity! Mine and other people’s. I love having an idea of how something should or could look and then making it happen by cutting and gluing things together and moving and painting and tying. I love dreaming up people who wouldn’t otherwise exist and then writing words down or typing them up until those people do exist.

I love decorating my house and my heart and my Instagram feed with other people’s creations, things and images and ideas and songs that wouldn’t otherwise exist if some creative gorgeous person didn’t dream something up and then write it down or paint it or draw it or sing it.

Everyone is creative. Everyone has the capacity to create. Some people create paintings and some people create homes. Some people create safe places and some people create organizational systems.

I’m so grateful for people who create things, who make the dreams in their hearts and minds come to life so that the rest of us can enjoy it. I’m so grateful for creative computer people and creative TV people and creative movie people and creative cross-stitching people and creative book people! I’m grateful for people who put just a few words together in just the right way and order to say something powerful. I’m grateful for people who put words together in just the right way and order to say something hilarious!

Oh the power of creativity. The power of creating and saying something new or saying something old in a new way. The power of reaching out into the world with something gorgeous and personal and saying, “See? See.” Or maybe, “Listen? Listen.”


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