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I can’t believe it’s Friday already! Spring Break has flown by in the most relaxing and wonderful way. This week I enjoyed some down time with teacher-friends at a villa in Juan Dolio (about 20 minutes away from San Pedro, where we live) and watched a ton of movies. I also did a bit of Skyping and a bit of Monopoly-ing. It’s been nice. Now, to dive in to the weekend celebrating my favorite holiday – Easter.

Happy Best Friday That Ever Happened.

Articles/blog posts:

  • 45 Things About “Harry Potter” You Wouldn’t Know Without Reading The Books at BuzzFeed – I honestly don’t know how anybody could follow/enjoy the movies without having read the books. There’s a lot of content in each book to squeeze into a two hour movie and unfortunately most of the funny stuff didn’t make the cut. Would you believe that the HP books are laugh out loud funny?
  • The Man in the Center at A Deeper Story – “I find myself returning to a page in a children’s book, a page showing a man stretched taut between heaven and earth asking for our forgiveness because we really didn’t understand what the hell we were doing (still don’t), then dying for me and you and the entire clueless world, and with a final bow of his thorny head it was once and for all time finished.”
  • 6 Things The Church Can Learn From Jimmy Fallon at The God Article – Now I don’t think we should ordain Jimmy Fallon as the hashtag in the article suggests, but there are some things we could learn from him!
  • We Don’t Speak English; We Speak Love by Karissa Knox Sorrell – “Instead of seeing them as encroaching, can we see them as enriching? Can we look for beauty in diversity, in the different ways the tongue clicks out words, in the smells of exotic foods, in the smiles that light up faces of all shapes and colors? Maybe we can stop seeing how different we are and start seeing how similar we are. Immigrants are human beings, too.”
  • Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad Reflects the Reality of a Multilingual America at Huffington Post – Just some fun facts about how accurate that beautiful Coke commercial is.
  • How Privileged Are You? at BuzzFeed – I don’t think your final number actually means anything, but take a look at the statements. They made me think about what “privileged” really means.
  • 700 Words by Jamie the Very Worst Missionary – Jamie tells the story of human trafficking and sex slavery in Cambodia – the little parts she knows, anyway.  “…the whole story matters.”


  • Stick It on Megashare – I saw this post on Tumblr and it inspired me to relive the magic that is Stick It. Ya know what? It’s a fun movie and was a great way to start off Spring Break.
  • What to Expect When You’re Expecting on Netflix – I was actually a little surprised by how much I enjoyed this movie. It’s about five different women who are on the road to becoming mothers and how different their stories really are. There’s some laughs, some tears, some life lessons… it was good. Accents were a bit weird though – Alex, J Lo’s husband, like, all of a sudden had an accent half way through the movie that then kind of went away again. And Janice, played by Rebel Wilson, had an unidentifiable accent. Australian? Southern? Maybe I’m just bad at accents. Anyway, it was good. Anna Kendrick is cute and so was her love interest.
  • Lars and the Real Girl on Netflix – So I’ve only seen three Ryan Gosling movies – The Notebook; Crazy, Stupid, Love; and Lars and the Real Girl – and it only took three movies for me to realize that that boy is really good at his job. In The Notebook he plays this simple, romantic guy who doesn’t give up on love. In Crazy, Stupid, Love he is a playboy hottie mcsexypants. In Lars and the Real Girl our man RG plays a mentally ill kind of chubby guy (chubby compared to Jacob in CSL anyway) who falls in love with a life-size doll. And he is very convincing and lovely in all three. I also appreciated the casting of Lars – the people look like real people. I do dig Paul Schneider’s shorter hair, though.
  • She’s Out of My League on Netflix – I just love that cutie pie Jay Baruchel. Also, I had started Lars and the Real Girl but was feeling super melancholy (it’s that kind of movie) so I switched half-way through to a feel good. She’s Out of My League is not your average rom com. Turns out the moral of the story is that you don’t have to be “enough” for anyone else. You just have to believe in yourself as you. Also Jessica St. Clair as Debbie, Jay Baruchel’s brother’s knocked up fiance, was the bomb.
  • Into the Wild on Netflix – This is the true story of how Chris McCandless graduated from college and then dropped off the face of the earth. Only he didn’t. He dropped into the earth and lived it and loved it and learned it. Anyway, it’s a beautiful, gorgeous movie that almost made me want to give away everything I own, burn all my pesos, and hitchhike to Alaska! There is some nudity, but it’s tasteful nudity, I guess (not sexy nudity) and there is some Kristen Stewart but it’s brief and the Vince Vaughn makes up for it. I highly recommend it, but brace yourself for the end. I’m still in shock. (I had not read the book.)

My most read post this week: Here’s the thing about my latest project

Collage of the week:


Words to live by:

Maybe there are wholly self-sufficient unbroken people who are able to thrive in complete isolation, succeeding solely by the sweat of their own Randian brows, but those are not the people I know or am interested in writing about. So yeah. I write about broken people who need other people in order to go on. But those are the only kind of people I know to exist. We are all broken. We all depend upon each other for support and compassion. That web of interconnected yearning and need is essential to my understanding of human experience, and I don’t find celebrating it problematic. – John Green



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