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This week we celebrated our 100th day of school! Only 80-something more days to go. This week The Palms administration started the search for new teachers for next year! Anyone up for teaching PE or middle school in the Caribbean?

100-year-old cuties

Articles/blog posts:

  • Acts of Love in the Face of Violence at THE LIFE NEUROTIC WITH STEVE’S ISSUES – Killin’ em with kindness.
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman: The Fate of His Role in ‘The Hunger Games’ at The Wall Street Journal – Melissa said the other day that when she was younger she wanted to be a missionary to celebrities. I think that someone should definitely head on over to that mission field. There are a lot of actors choosing to fill their emptiness and loneliness with drugs and it’s not going so well. That being said, I don’t think I’m alone in saying that when I read this article about how PSH will still be Plutarch in the remaining Hunger Games movies I said, “Phew!” I can understand why an actor’s life is a lonely one.
  • Russell Brand: my life without drugs at The Guardian – “…if you regard alcoholics and drug addicts not as bad people but as sick people then we can help them to get better.” Listen to people’s stories. Let’s have more Russell Brand’s this year than Philip Seymour Hoffman’s.
  • I’ve been divorced four times, but homosexuals are the ones destroying marriage at The Matt Walsh Blog – “The institution of marriage is crumbling beneath us; it’s under attack, it’s mortally wounded, it’s sprawled out on the pavement with bullet wounds in its back, coughing up blood and gasping for breath. And guess who did this? It wasn’t Perez Hilton or Elton John, I can tell you that. This is the work of divorce… Gay marriage removes from marriage its procreative characteristic, but rampant divorce takes away its permanent characteristic. It makes no sense to concentrate all of our energy on the former while all but ignoring the latter.”
  • 50 Company Slogans If They Were Honest About It at tickld – I really liked the Ranch one. “Makes vegetables bad for you.”
  • Why Our Response to Coke’s “America the Beautiful” Matters at Five Kids Is A Lot Of Kids – I briefly considered writing a post about this commercial, but I’m glad I didn’t. Beth said it beautifully; I would’ve said it mean.
  • Grace waits. at Jamie the Very Worst Missionary – “Grace is the glue that holds this hot mess together.” 
  • Dear ‘Merica: a Lament at between worlds – I would’ve said it mean; she said it with grace. “This insularity and close-mindedness some of you wear like a badge really looks like an ugly-monster-mask to the rest of us.  It hides your true self, covering up the goodness and beauty that is in you, too… It reminds me of this peculiar name our forefathers gave us: the United States of America.”
  • Taking Genesis 1 Seriously at Faith Improvised – In semi-response to the Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate (that I did not watch).
  • 25 Of The Best, Old Disney Channel Original Movies That Need To Be Released From The Vault at BuzzFeed – Now all I want to do is watch all of these movies right in a row!
  • sexy “christianity”. at – Kyle raises up a warning for young, trendy (like me?) Christians. “‘is the sense of abandon I have for Jesus costing me anything, or actually just making me more popular in the eyes of the people who I would like to be perceived by as more popular?’ If at the end of the day I was kicked out of my family, homeless, friendless, moneyless, and hated… would Jesus still be enough?”


  • Crazy, Stupid Love on Megashare – It was crazy stupid awesome. I always appreciate a movie that makes me laugh, think, and (almost) cry without showing me naked people having sex! Hooray! I posted this Facebook status after watching the movie last weekend: kjhk
  • Dirty Jobs on Netflix – I love learning about things while Mike Rowe makes jokes and falls down in mud.
  • The Croods on Netflix – I have this movie in Spanish, but it was fun to watch it in English. I like it the same amount in either language, but I do appreciate the voice choices – Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, and Cloris Leachman made an unlikely but great team.
  • The Little Mermaid on Megashare – Obviously I have seen this movie many, many times and have sung Part of Your World countless more times. Watching it this time though I had one question: Mermaids don’t use forks? Also, the ending made me sad. Ariel left everything she had ever known (including her best friend Flounder, who didn’t even get a real goodbye) behind for a man she had had exactly zero conversations with. That makes me sad.
  • New Girl Season 3 on Hulu – This week we got two new episodes! And we got to actually watch them this week because Jenn was over and logged into her Hulu+ account! What a treat!

(YouTube) Videos:

General good finds:

  • “I came to realize that we don’t raise boys to be men, we raise them not to be women.” – Don McPherson, former NFL quarterback, feminist, educator (This quote reminded me of this video from last week’s Check this out!)
  • “Church is not perfect: It’s practice… We practice seeing Jesus. We practice abiding in him, we receive forgiveness of sins and we hear the promises of God not because what happens here in this room is the point… but so that we can see Christ when we are not here. So that we can be disciples out there in a world that needs some forgiveness and promise and grace and beauty.” – Nadia Bolz-Weber
  • “Err in the direction of kindness.” – Jeff Cook
  • – Hilarious pictures of children crying captioned by the ridiculous reasons they are doing so. Is it wrong to laugh at crying children? Maybe, but when you’re surrounded by children daily, laughing becomes a necessary part of maintaining sanity.
  • – I mean, it’s just drunk Ron Swanson dancing with that little hat on top of his head. Forever.



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