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This week we went back to school! It was a super chill four day week (with no after school tutoring!) and I am using “chill” is all sense of the word – laid back and also great weather! I got a surprise giant paycheck from December, got rid of the kittens pretty quickly, and Strawberry and I took our first trip to the vet. She’s getting fixed tomorrow! I didn’t spend a lot of time on the internet this week (well, apart from Netflix) and I wrote a bit yesterday about why. 

This week I made a binding and legal contract with NaNoWriMo (and myself) to make my (unnamed) novel readable! It’s not over yet! While writing it I was reluctant to share any of it because I wasn’t sure it was worth reading. Now, having finished and having had two dear intelligent and well read friends read it and assure me that, while in need of work, it is worth reading, I might be sharing parts of it here! Maybe you all can help me name it.

Articles/blog posts:

  • A Large Section Of The Midwest Is Currently Colder Than The South Pole at BuzzFeed – I just thought that fact was interesting. I got out of the US just in time!
  • God will give you more than you can handle: I guarantee it at All our Lemmony Things – Yes! As I re-read the gospels I am reminded of how hard this life is, how hard Jesus says following him will be. Take up your cross. Die to yourself. The road is narrow. And hard. And they’ll hate you. And say mean things about you and to you. They might even kill you. Are you sure you want to do this? Those are the things Jesus said about following Him. But there is hope! (There’s a right bit more than hope! Name that movie.)
  • Life, Pain, Lessons, Questions, Mystery at J.S. Park – “I don’t believe that pain always has a lesson. Sometimes pain is just pain. Sometimes it just hurts.”


  • Big Bang Theory Season 7 on Megashare – I’m all caught up now! That is as soon as I watch this week’s episode.
  • The Way Way Back on Netflix – This movie was great! It reminded me of It’s Kind of a Funny Story not because the stories are similar but because it made me feel the same way. It was totally weird watching Steve Carell be a jerk, but he was pretty good at it. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes movies about real life. The family argues about Candyland rules and the people look like real people.
  • Coraline on Megashare – I read the book last week and so I was excited to watch the movie. Well, after the delightful mystery that was the book, the movie was a huge let down. Weird and unnecessarily different than the book.

(YouTube) Videos:

General good finds:

  • Knope Compliments – This website generates Leslie Knope-like compliments. It’s full of winners!
This is the kind of poster that is posted in classrooms all over the world (I know because our bible teacher has one in his classroom here in the DR) but it’s also the kind of questions I ask myself before I speak.

That’s it! Sad but true. If you’re looking for some more time-filling reading, you can check out my 100 books in 13 months page for uninformative “reviews” of the books I read over Christmas break.

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