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A surprisingly small amount of internet goodies from the past two weeks.

This week I traveled from San Pedro to Detroit to Cincinnati to Chattanooga to Birmingham to Louisville to Cincinnati and home to Westland. This is a picture of me in Alabama. (Get it?)

Articles/blog posts:


  • Catching Fire in theaters – One release date miscommunication, one bus ride, and seven-girls-in-one-taxi later, I finally saw Catching Fire! I love love loved it! Having read the book and knowing what was going to happen made it so much harder to watch! Ugh! I just knew what was coming and it was stressful. I imagine the third (and fourth? what’s that) will be even harder – so much sad! I’m definitely planning on seeing this one at least once more in theaters before heading back to the DR.
  • The Holiday on DVD – I got into the holiday (heh, get it?) spirit with Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black, and Jude Law. Every time I see Jude Law in anything (so basically, every time I watch The Holiday) I think of how he cheated on his wife (or girlfriend or something) with the nanny, and it’s all I can think about. Kate Winslet is always flawless.
  • The Heat on DVD – In my week of travel I watched The Heat at Katelyn’s and at Rebecca’s. I saw the movie for the first time in theaters this summer in Indy with Alicia. It’s still funny.
  • 30 Rock on Netflix – I’m finally hooked. So much 30 Rock in the past week!

(YouTube) Videos:

At the mall in Santo Domingo where we saw Catching Fire!
Since getting to the Westland Library and getting my hands on some actual books, I have made excellent headway in my 100 Childrens Books Challenge.
While in Birmingham, Rebecca took me to a cool place called Steel City Pops. They sell popsicles! So fun! You can click on the picture to see the website.

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