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This is late again but I have another good excuse. THREE good excuses. This week I was sick and busy (that’s two) and our internet keeps cutting in and out. This week was also Semana de Chispa (Spirit Week) at school and our last week of tutoring until 2014. This week I went to my last baseball game of the season and blew my nose A LOT. This week Mary came back for a visit!! And the Griffins came back home!! Also, heads up – This coming week (Thursday) I will be heading to the States for the holidays and I’m sure my blogging will be even more sporadic than it has been.

Superhero day at Las Palmas!

Articles/blog posts:


  • Timeline on Netflix – I fully intended on dedicating this week to Paul Walker in honor of his death, but this movie was boring and I didn’t even finish it. Then I never actually watched any other Paul Walker movies because I was too busy watching Sister Wives.
  • Sister Wives on Netflix – I just love this family!
  • The Fighter on Megashare – Christian Bale never disappoints! This movie was a wonderful portrayal of a true story and also a great example of the negative effects of drugs.
  • Will and Grace on DVD – Our internet has been cutting out lately and I’ve been sick. These two facts equal seasons six and seven of Will and Grace on DVD.

(YouTube) Videos:

General good finds:

  • “Often, our dreams are thick and bright and heavy to hold – maybe even scorching to the touch because of their intensity. We leave them at arm’s length, too afraid to get too close because just breathing in the fumes may cause us to crumble.” – Elora Nicole
  • “If you had seen the Red Sea part or you had seen the Jordan River stopped from flowing, or if you had seen Jesus raise Lazarus from the dead, if you had smelled that Jesus had raised Lazarus from the dead, if you had been there in the moment when the nine inch thick curtain that separated everyone from the Holy of Holies had ripped from top to bottom, or when Jesus had died, the earth shook, tombs broke open and dead people walked the earth like you think you would ever doubt God’s power? Yeah! The Bible is peppered with stories of people who were there when that happened and two days later were like, ‘God never does anything for us. This is stupid. I wish I was in Egypt. At least they had cake.’ I think some things we just have to decide we’re going to believe because…even if there’s proof, that doesn’t always do it for us anyway.” – Jennifer Fugett




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