Vamos Estrellas!

Yesterday was the first baseball game of the season. I don’t know if you know this about San Pedro de Macoris but around here baseball is a big deal. This city ships out more major league baseball players than any city in the world. Seriously. Heard of Sammy Sosa? He’s from San Pedro. Robinson Cano? Yep, he’s a Macorisian. Also, 74 other major league baseball players I’ve never heard of, according to Wikipedia.

I am so grateful that God sent me to the only Spanish speaking country that isn’t in love with soccer. At least baseball is interesting. Amiright?

So Melissa, Rachel, Luis and I went to the game yesterday. It was a great time. Melissa and I photobombed the boys in front of us. It was hilarious. Rachel and Luis aided in the confiscating and hiding of the chewing tobacco of one of the guys in front of them. It was also hilarious. Rachel experienced the weirdest pick-up line ever – “Hey, I saw that you are American and there are some Americans sitting over there. Are you guys related?” We ate popcorn, Melissa bought a necklace (and got a free bracelet!), and Melissa also made a new friend. The Estrellas and the Tigers tied. 2-2. I think.

After the game we walked to get some dinner. Luis discovered how annoying it is to be an American girl and to walk anywhere in this city. Our favorite cat call went something like this – “Dame una! No necesitas tres!” (“Give me one! You don’t need three!” referring to the abundance of Americans among which Luis found himself.) Luis said he was going to start shouting back that he didn’t speak Spanish so that people would stop trying to steal his Americans. (Our motoconcho driver received a similar request today. “Yo quiero una!” Everybody wants an American visa girlfriend!)

Then I snagged my arm on a nail sticking out of a telephone pole and was a dramatic baby about it. It was not hilarious.

It was a wonderful Saturday. The opening game (opening night game? game of opening night? the first game of the real season?) is Friday. There’s going to be fireworks and everything! And many more original pick-up lines and cat calls, I’m sure.

It's clear why people want to get with us, right?
It’s clear why people want to get with us, right?

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